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Small Wins

Small wins. I have talked about them briefly on my Instagram (@kustomfitnessandnutrition), but I wanted to dive a little deeper into them. What they are, why I use them, and how. I think they are super useful and I think everyone should learn about them.

What are small wins? I describe them to my clients as the small or little things that you do throughout your day/week that you don’t always realize are a win. It can be something so tiny that you don’t realize you’re doing it, but when you sit down at the end of the day or week and notice all little things you did that were positive. They don’t have to work directly toward your health and fitness goals. They can be anything. Those small wins become super important especially when you don’t think you’re moving in a positive way.

This is a big reason why I like to use small wins. Often times when I meet with clients they will say “I did so poorly this week” or “I didn’t do this or that.” When I hit that point in a meeting with a client, I ask “what did you this week?” or “what is something positive or small you did this week?” Sometimes the answer I get is super small like they drank an extra glass of water on one or two days. Sometimes it’s bigger, like adding a vegetable every day that week or hitting a step goal multiple days in a row. Did they do their workout? Maybe not. But did they move towards their goal somehow? Yes, yes they did. Focusing on small wins can keep things positive. Sometimes my clients (and myself) need to step back and look at what they did do versus what they didn’t do, no matter how small.

This is a great example of how I use small wins with clients. Often times in weekly check ins I can use them in conversation. I’ve been known to use them as homework too. When I notice someone struggling a little more consistently, finding their small wins becomes their homework. In the next week I have them write down their small wins. At least one per day. By the time we meet the next week they have multiple small wins, positive things that they have done. It starts to help you realize you may have done more than you thought throughout your week.

For me as a new mom my small wins often look like “I hit my step goal.” Or even, “I did the dishes.” Other times they are bigger like “I worked out after I pumped instead of going to sleep!” Small wins can be as small or as big as you need them to be. Just be sure to use them. What are your small wins??

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